About Us

About Us

What is the Southern Alberta Professional Development Consortium (SAPDC)?

SAPDC is one of seven regional consortia in the province of Alberta. Together the seven offices form the Alberta Regional Professional Development Consortia (ARPDC).  SAPDC was established to provide professional development and training opportunities that address the learning needs of school trustees, administrators, teachers, support staff, parents, and school councils in Southern Alberta to enhance practice and improve student achievement.

Establishing and Supporting Regional Needs

The Southern Alberta Professional Development Consortium is in continual collaborative conversations with all regional stakeholders and jurisdictions and their K-12 communities identifying and formalizing the key learning needs of each group. In addition to meetings with jurisdiction leads, SAPDC hosts several regional advisory committees that meet up to four times a year. These advisories focus on specific subjects or areas of need.   These conversations mutually support SAPDC, our stakeholders and jurisdictions in establishing and offering learning opportunities regionally and provincially.

The entire operation of SAPDC and, by extension, ARPDC is driven by the cycle of collaborative conversations that focus on meeting the identified needs in a timely and efficient manner.

Southern Alberta Professional Development Consortium Mandate

  • To facilitate professional development, which supports the effective implementation of the Alberta Learning Business Plan, jurisdiction and school education plans, and Regional School Council Plans.
  • To facilitate professional development, which supports the effective implementation of curricula, including instruction, assessment, and student learning outcomes.
  • To coordinate, broker, and act as a referral center to assist stakeholders to access available professional resources.
  • To deliver professional development based on the identified and emerging needs of educational stakeholders.
  • To promote and support the development of professional development leadership capacity.
  • To provide stakeholders with access to professional development at a reasonable cost.

Our Team

Rick Gilson

Regional Director

Trisha Sotropa

Designer of Professional Learning

Kathy Charchun

Designer of Professional Learning

Adelee Penner

Designer of Professional Learning

Collette Sylvestre

Designer of Professional Learning

Bev Smith

Designer of Professional Learning

Heather Pearson

Executive Assistant

Rogan Bowen-Harper

Technology / Marketing Lead and Program Support

Alex Kramer

Program Assistant

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