Our Team

Adelee Penner

Designer of Professional Learning

Adelee Penner is a highly sought-after consulting professional who has demonstrated her ability to realize system improvement and change disruption. She brings her practical experience of working with teachers, school-based and district leaders to her project consultation/work. She has been an educator and leader in school authorities in both Manitoba and Alberta. Adelee also has experience as an Assistant Superintendent of Schools.  She has worked for Manitoba Agriculture as well as for Alberta Education which provided her with the opportunity to innovate, create and problem-solve at a provincial level.   In addition to consulting, Adelee is a Lecturer in the Education Faculty at the University of Alberta.  Adelee is able to create remarkable outcomes through her unshakable optimism. She enjoys working alongside leaders as she believes we have the ability to shape an innovative future together. Adelee’s strengths lie in her ability to inspire and motivate people to achieve meaningful improvement; see possibilities and create opportunities; she is a systems thinker; and her ability to craft meaningful processes through which remarkable outcomes are possible. Through her visionary leadership, and ability to analyze and assess multiple data sources she is able to coach teams into actioning their potential. As an IAP2 certified trainer, Adelee enjoys working with organizations to inspire new ways to engage with their stakeholders and consider their communication strategies. Adelee inspires others to be their best while focusing on goals the system is working towards.  She is a disruptor who challenges thinking and makes you realize you can shift/refine your practice for your well-being, your practice and your clients.

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