3D Printers for Educators - Intermediate
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3D Printers for Educators - Intermediate
Presented by: David Harmon & Greg Theron
Thursday, March 03, 2022 | 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Session Location:
Computer of your choice -, Online, AB
About the Session:

This workshop builds on the fundamental skills presented in the “3D printer workshop for educators”.  Join us as we expand on 4 main areas of 3D: 

1. Advanced Slicers and Settings 

  • Use case for different slicers 
  • Limitations of FDM 3D prints 
  • Common Failures and how to troubleshoot them 

2. 3D modelling 

  • TinkerCAD and Fusion360 for education 
  • How to start and where to take it 
  • Practical 3D modelling  

3. Do's and Don’ts 

  • Print management 
  • Maintaining a healthy print farm 
  • Managing print queues for students  

4. 3D printer firmware  

  • Different type of firmware 
  • Why upgrade and change firmware 
  • Managing, editing and uploading firmware 

Through the combination of all these skills you will learn the practical management and use for 3D printers in the classroom. 

Computing Requirements 

For this session a laptop (PC/Mac) will be required that is running the most current version of operating system (windows or osx).  We will be installing the following software some of which is graphic intense so a laptop with a discrete graphics card is recommend although the integrated graphics with an intel i5 processor or better will work. 

 Course Software 

  • Cura 4.4 
  • Prusa Slicer 2.1 
  • Fusion360 
  • VScode with PlatformIO  
Teachers, Administrators & Division Leads
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About the Presenter(s):
David Harmon

A Senior Computer Systems Engineer of 15 years David live and breaths IT and Technology!  David loves to learn about technology and new innovative applications of the technology.  3D printing caught his eye a several years which eventually lead to purchasing his “First” 3D Printer about a two years ago and he has not stopped printing since.  David uses Fusion360(industry level CAD software) to create models and CURA/Prusa2.0 to slice the projects bringing them to life.

From practical 3D prints to use every day or art deco prints, he does it all.

Greg Theron along with David share their passion for this technology on a YouTube channel that they cohost.

Greg Theron

A Senior Network Analyst with Lethbridge Public School Division. He has worked in K-12 for over 2 decades. Tech is his life! 

He loves researching specifications and details on everything for Their YouTube Channel 3dmakeit.ca. Although he is relatively new to 3D printing, he cannot get enough of it. He is having fun learning the in’s and out’s Fusion360 and tweaking slicing profiles.

Photography Release:
This is a public event with the likeliness of photo/video throughout the day. By attending, participants understand they may be captured in photo or video for future presentations or promotional material development. Please see conference hosts if you prefer to not be photographed.

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