Frequently Asked Questions
How do I find out about my regional learning opportunities?
Use the search feature on the home page or click on the Learning Opportunities tab and use the filters based on criteria of interest.
Who can attend a learning opportunity?
Anyone with an interest in adult learning for students’ sake can attend a learning opportunity. Teachers, Education Assistants, Teachers’ Assistants, Student Teachers, Pre-service Teachers, Administrators, Administrative Staff, Parents, Students, and Community Members can register for most learning opportunities. Please note that some opportunities will be for specific audiences and may have pre-requisites.
If I am not from your region can I still attend your learning opportunities?
Yes. Learning opportunities are open for all.
Are district learning opportunities open to non-district participants?
Some districts open their learning opportunities to other participants. Please see full learning opportunity details available on the consortium website.
Can I bring my student teacher with me to the learning opportunity?
Student teachers are welcome to attend learning opportunities. Please register your student teacher to ensure he or she is included in our learning opportunity pre-planning. Special pricing may be available for student teachers. Please contact your regional consortium to inquire.
Do I need to register for a program or can I just show-up on the day?
Registration is required for all programs. This assists consortia in pre-planning meals, materials and space to increase the effectiveness of your learning opportunity. If you cannot attend, please send someone in your place and indicate that on the sign in sheet. Late registrations may be accepted. If in doubt, please call your regional consortium for details.
How do I know if I am actually registered for my learning opportunity?
Upon successful completion of the online registration, you will receive a confirmation email with a summary of the registration details; and often a printable version of the confirmation invoice. This is also your registration invoice and/or receipt of payment.
Can I send someone in my place if I can’t make it?
Yes, please send someone in your place if you can’t make it. Just ask your replacement to indicate this at the sign-in table.
How can I find out more about the learning opportunity content?
Check the details of the learning opportunity (printable or viewable pdf ad).
Who do I contact if I need assistance with registration?
Please contact Southern Alberta Professional Development Consortium for assistance.
How do I know if a learning opportunity I am registered in is cancelled?
In the event of a cancellation or postponement, all registered individuals will receive an email with details.
How do I receive a refund on a paid registration fee?
All cancellation refunds will be issued in the same form as payment. Please note the cancellation policy terms when you register to determine if a full refund is available.
Will lunch or other foods be provided?
Yes, morning coffee and lunch are typically provided with each learning opportunity, unless otherwise stated in the learning opportunity details. As you register you will need to indicate any known severe food allergies. We will work with the caterer to provide you the appropriate meal; and with the group to ensure exposure to severe food allergens are minimized. When in doubt, please come prepared with food and any medicine you may need.
Who pays my expenses for travel to a learning opportunity?
Unless otherwise stated, all costs are the participant’s responsibility. Some districts may have funding available so always check with your district administrator.
What do I need to bring with me to the learning opportunity?
Check the details of the learning opportunity (printable or viewable pdf ad) for what materials and or equipment are needed. Any changes made to these requirements will be emailed to all registered individuals.
How do I get the hand-outs for a learning opportunity I’ve missed?
Please contact Southern Alberta Professional Development Consortium for details.
Can you email me when another learning opportunity with this title/presenter re-occurs?
Please check back on our website for regular updates; or subscribe to our Newsletter or other social media feeds (Southern Alberta Professional Development Consortium) for updates.
Can I contact the presenter?
Please contact Southern Alberta Professional Development Consortium for details. We can always send your specific question to the presenter before the learning opportunity, as it may impact the entire group.
Is there GST on the registration fee?
No, all learning opportunities are non-GST. However, some partner learning opportunities may have GST applied. Please see details of that learning opportunity.
Can I register into learning opportunities offered through other consortia?
Yes, everyone is welcome to register in any learning opportunity from any of the Alberta Regional Professional Development Consortium. Travel expenses may be incurred so check with your district administrator.
Technology-Mediated Learning: includes Webinar, VC connections, Webcasts
What is Adobe Connect?
Adobe Connect is a web-based video and audio conferencing system. It is used by the Alberta Regional PD Consortia for professional development, and distance learning through virtual settings where learning opportunities are held online and participants are able to interact with each other in real time. For more information about Adobe Connect see:
What do I need to participate in an Adobe Connect learning opportunity?
You can participate from any location as long as you have a computer with internet access and a headset with a mic (or computer audio). You will receive directions when you register telling you how to ensure that your computer satisfies minimum system requirements.
What is a webcast learning opportunity?
A webcast is held in one location and broadcast over the internet to other sites, and is most often used for a provincial learning opportunity. One-way delivery comes from the host site to the remote sites.
What is required for me to attend by webcast?
You will need an internet connection with audio and video. Please contact Southern Alberta Professional Development Consortium.
Alberta Regional Professional Development Consortia (ARPDC)
Who is the Southern Alberta Professional Development Consortium?
The Southern Alberta Professional Development Consortium is one of seven consortia in Alberta established to support regional professional development needs for all those who influence student learning.
How is the ARPDC funded?
The ARPDC receives infrastructure funds from Alberta Education to address consortia mandated goals.
Who is the ARPDC?
The Alberta Regional Professional Development Consortia (ARPDC) is the collective voice of the seven regional consortia mandated to support implementation of initiatives and goals of regional jurisdictions and Alberta Education. They partner to engage in strategic planning and designing professional learning opportunities that are coordinated, collaborative and comprehensive. Each regional consortium is governed by a board comprised of representatives from: CASS, ASBA, ASBOA, ASCA, Post-Secondary, ATA and Alberta Education. The board ensures that programs align with the goals of the consortium.
Professional Development Resources
Who is able to access the Professional Development Resources?
Any learner can access Professional Development Resources that are available online from the ARPDC.
What kinds of Professional Development Resources will I find?
Professional Development Resources are “learning opportunities” available online and intended to support personalized or job embedded learning. They are available in a variety of formats: archived webinars, videos with learning guides, workshop support materials and links to external sites and resources. Professional Development resources are intended to support implementation of Alberta programs of studies and initiatives identified by Alberta Education.
How do I access Professional Development Resources?
Proceed to Click the Professional Development Resources tab and complete a search with the criteria of your interest; or browse all Professional Development Resources.
Are the Professional Development Resources Copyrighted?
If copyrights or Creative Commons licensing apply, it will be clearly identified on any resource applicable, along with the terms or conditions for using or sharing.